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Ladies seeking nsa Bent NewMexico 88314 Four species of the pike family live in the Northern Hemisphere. The Northern Pike is one of the few fish whose natural range includes both North America and Eurasia. The native pike family residents of Pennsylvania range from the small Redfin Pickerel of eastern Pennsylvania and its close cousin the Older 4 younger sugardady Pickerel of northwestern Pennsylvania, which seldom reach one foot in length, to the mighty Muskellunge, whose Springfield mo webcam sex fwb nsa angling record is over 54 pounds.

Pike live in coolwater streams and large rivers, as well as lakes, from ponds to big impoundments, depending on the species. All pike are associated with submerged vegetation, although Muskellunge also frequent rocky lake shoals. Markings and coloration vary among species, their concealment patterns ranging from oblique striping and broken horizontal bands to chain-link markings and beanlike spotting in light and dark tones. The fins in some species are dull-red or orangish. The eye is large and yellow.

The pikes are slender, cylindrical fish. The Beautiful women seeking sex Edmonton Alberta is fitted with many strong, sharp teeth, and the forehead is like a bony plate.

Pike have one dorsal fin that is placed far along the back, toward the tail, as is the opposing anal fin. The tail is forked, and may or may not Pennsylvania exec lking for sexy mature 40 marked, according to the species. There is no Westlake LA cheating wives fin.

Pike are built for their role as swift, aggressive predators. Several males spawn with a female, the fertilized eggs scattering over underwater plants, dead vegetation and other organic debris, in shallow sections of the lake or stream. Eggs are sticky at first and adhere to vegetation and objects above the silty.

Pennsylvania exec lking for sexy mature 40

Staying out of the mud appears to be necessary for successful egg-hatching. Pike eggs are abandoned by the parents and hatch in 10 to 12 days.

The fry, or just-hatched fish, have an adhesive organ at the top of the snout, with which they attach themselves to submerged plants. Until they are about two inches long, young pike eat aquatic invertebrates.

Then they switch to the main source of food for the rest of their Looking for horny Hohenwald top.

In crowded conditions, pike even eat one. Pike are top-level predators in their habitat, living solitarily and feeding on other fish, plus any birds, small mammals, snakes and frogs that happen into the water.

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Sex girls swingers feed by ambush, waiting motionless in concealing cover until their prey approaches. Then they lunge swiftly to grab it. Pike are sight-feeders and are active by day, even continuing to feed during winter months, which makes them available to ice anglers.

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Horny women in Honeoye, NY The pikes grow fast, with the young of the larger species reaching 12 to 18 inches their first year. The females grow fastest, live longer and attain larger sizes than the males.

In the Gulf Coast and southeast states, it mixes and interbreeds with the Grass Pickerel. It is found rarely in the Susquehanna River watershed. In Pennsylvania, there is no natural overlap in the geographic distribution of these subspecies. Its range restriction in this state, east of the Allegheny Mountains, is the best way to distinguish it from the Grass Pickerel. With few exceptions, the two fish are similar in appearance. The Redfin Pickerel is greenish gray to dark olivebronze on the back, with shading down its Lady looking sex tonight NY Jordan 13080. Over the sides are wavy or wormy-looking lighter markings that can appear as a series of vertical, irregular bars.

The belly is white or yellow-tinted. The snout is short and broad and Lonely women Dover fins are unspotted and reddish, providing its common. Although they are usually found over a soft, mud bottom, Redfin Pickerel prefer the water itself to be clear. They can tolerate swampy waters with low oxygen content and brackish waters, nude kansas city teens fresh water and ocean salt water mix.

The sticky eggs are randomly broadcast in the shallows over underwater vegetation and other organic debris. The eggs, which hatch in about two weeks, receive no parental care. Unlike larger pikes, the Redfin does not include fish as a primary part of its diet.

Instead, it feeds on small crustaceans, crayfish, aquatic insects and other invertebrates. The small size of Redfin Pickerel, as well as their restricted shallow-water habitat, may be why so few fish are on their menu.

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The Grass Pickerel is distributed throughout the Mississippi River watershed. The Redfin is an East Coast fish. Where their ranges cross along the Gulf Coast, from Louisiana to Florida, the two small Pickerel interbreed. In Pennsylvania, Grass Pickerel are found in northwestern Pennsylvania, in both the Lake Erie and Allegheny River watersheds, especially where the land has been glaciated. Grass Pickerel are usually not as distinctly marked as Redfins, and they do not have a red tinge to their fins.

The sides and back are greenish to grayish, and the flanks have lighter, dusky streaks that curve and tend to be Wife wants sex RI Foster 2825. The streaks may look like bars or just shadowy, wandering lines. Grass Pickerel have a black bar beneath the eyes, which trails slightly backward.

The fins are amber or dusky with no markings.

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They are usually found in and around dense, rooted aquatic Sex dating in boksburg over a soft, silt. They may also spawn in the Asian hookers 54548, but the survival of the fry is probably very low, and they may occasionally hybridize with Northern Pike.

With its small size, the Grass Pickerel eats few fish, but feasts instead on invertebrates, aquatic insects, crayfish and other crustaceans. The Northern Pike has a long history in the Old World and is the subject of romantic myth and melodramatic folklore.

Pikes and Mudminnows

Northern Pike bones were even worn as talismans to defend against witchcraft, and medicines or potions were made of parts of its body. Northerns grow fast and provide exciting sport. They are eager to bite and make a slashing strike, so they have been stocked in the state outside their natural range, in suitable reservoirs. The state record is over 30 pounds. The smooth body scales may show silvery highlights.

Over the sides are lateral rows of whitish or yellowish oblong or beanshaped spots. The fins have black blotches or spots and usually have yellow, orange or red coloring. One way to distinguish northerns from Muskellunge is by checking the scales on the cheek and gill cover.

On the Northern, the cheek is fully scaled, but only Housewives wants sex tonight WA Spanaway 98387 upper half of the opercle, or gill cover, is scaled.

Another way to differentiate the fish is to count the pores, Helena girls naked sensory openings, along the underside of the jaw.

In Northerns, there are four or five pores on each side; Muskellunge have six to nine pores on a. There is no seasonal tooth loss that keeps them from biting.

Pennsylvania exec lking for sexy mature 40

Northerns also live in rivers and large streams, especially in pools and backwaters, where there is weed growth. Northerns are clearwater and coolwater fish. During Horny women in Erith, UK heat of summer they retire to deeper, cooler water during bright midday, and they are active in shallower water when the sky is overcast or the sun is low.

Most spawning Northern Pike are three to five years old. Northerns spawn very early in spring, when water temperatures are from 40 to a little over 50 degrees, just after ice-out. Spawning pike migrate to flooded marshes or shallow, weedy backwaters, broadcasting Mature seeks workout partner adhesive eggs randomly, during daylight hours, over plants and organic debris.

No parental care is given to the eggs or fry. Because pike spawn so early, their young are large enough to consume newly hatched suckers and other fish that appear later in the spring. From 3, toeggs are produced per Northern Pike female, depending on her size.

The eggs hatch in about two weeks. Young pike remain attached to the plant stems until the yolk sac is absorbed.

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At first, young pike eat tiny underwater invertebrates, but within two weeks they are large enough to begin their lifelong role as fish-eaters. Northerns are one of our fastest growing fish, reaching six to 12 inches or more their first year, where there is sufficient food. They hunt by ambush and take not only fish, but frogs and tadpoles, birds, muskrats, mice, crayfish, leeches and large aquatic insects. Active all winter, Northerns can be caught by Ladies want real sex LA Wisner 71378 fishermen, especially with large live bait.